About Ellen

At the age of 15 I came across the recrystallized metal structure of Aluminium. My father’s  material-lab gave me the opportunity to see the Aluminium even closer via the microscope and from inside out in the Rontgen chamber.

Because of my practical and technical skills I chose to study Precision Engineering in Utrecht (location Hilversum). I started working as an engineer, physical designer, in a hi-tech environment. After a few years of 3D CAD engineering I switched to the Dutch Aluminium Knowledge center, the Aluminium Centrum. At the beginning of 2013 I started Aluminium Metal Knowledge. Now I help my customers to solve their Aluminium issues.  For 18 years I have been working in the Aluminium industry. As a woman in the technical environment, I feel the needs of my clients and understand their difficulties. I can teach you how to use the material most efficiently, and I give you the directions to use this material in the most optimal way for your application. Why? Because I believe we can create a better world with Aluminium.

What’s your biggest Aluminium challenge? Please get in contact.

If you understand the material you can use it everywhere. – Ellen Vaders

Aluminium helps us to create a better world because:

The strength of lightweight aluminium, combined with the possibilities for optimal design, delivers a product with an ideal strength to weight ratio. This saves fuel and energy during the entire life cycle.

Aluminium is full recyclable, we can apply the material time and time again with only 5% of the energy, as opposed to its first production. Because of this, we are able to make the world a better place by using aluminium. Together we can achieve that goal!

Do you have an aluminium issue? We would gladly be of help.