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Aluminium design corrosion proof

Aluminium is known for its corrosion resistance. Untreated aluminium applications like traffic signs and applications at sea are respected examples. Although aluminium is a relatively non noble material it protects itself via a passive oxide layer. Corrosion...

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Three things you need to know about recycling of Aluminium

Technological advancement will increase. We need materials that are available in abundance and can be recycled with no, or as little as possible, impact to the environment. Aluminium recycling is endless. Product disposal, waste? When the lifetime of a product ends...

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Aluminium and scandium a winning combination?

Aluminium scandium alloys With aluminium we can create all kind of forms. The material is ductile and form-able into all kinds of shapes. However an optimal design requires more effort to design. Start with your ideal form and then integrated functions. What if we...

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Coating op aluminium

Op verzoek van een van mijn klanten is dit BLOG in het Engels On request of one of my customers this new BLOG is in English. Aluminium is a corrosion resistant material and used frequently, even uncoated, in marine and offshore application with success. For various...

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